Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1298 (Michael Kinza et al.)

Two-particle-correlations in DMFT(fRG)    [PDF]

Michael Kinza, Carsten Honerkamp
We apply a recently introduced hybridization-flow functional renormalization group scheme for Anderson-like impurity models as impurity solver in a dynamical mean field theory (DMFT) approach to lattice Hubbard models. We present how this scheme is capable of reproducing metallic and insulating solutions of the lattice model. Our setup also offers a numerically rather inexpensive method to calculate two-particle correlation functions. For the paramagnetic Hubbard-model on the Bethe lattice in infinite dimensions we calculate the local two-particle-vertex for the metallic and the insulating phase. Then we go to a two-site cluster-DMFT-scheme for the two-dimensional Hubbard-model that includes short-range antiferromagnetic fluctuations and obtain the local and non-local two-particle-vertex-functions. We discuss the rich frequency structures of these vertices and compare with the vertex in the single-site solution.
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