Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6871 (H. Meier et al.)

Effect of the magnetic field on the competition between
superconductivity and quadrupole density wave below the pseudogap state

H. Meier, M. Einenkel, C. Pépin, K. B. Efetov
We theoretically investigate the T-B phase diagram of cuprates building on the SU(2) pseudogap order recently obtained from the spin-fermion model. At low temperatures, our analysis reveals an almost temperature-independent critical magnetic field B_{QDW} at which d-wave superconductivity switches to the quadrupole density wave (QDW) phase. For temperatures beyond a certain value of the order of the zero-field superconducting transition temperature T_c, the critical field B_{QDW}(T) sharply grows. We compare our results derived within the effective SU(2) non-linear sigma-model with the phase diagram recently obtained by sound velocity measurements by LeBoeuf et al. (2013).
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