Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5844 (P. Lemmens et al.)

Enhanced low energy fluctuations and increasing out-of-plane coherence
in vacancy ordered NaxCoO2

P. Lemmens, V. Gnezdilov, G. J. Shu, L. Alff, C. T. Lin, B. Keimer, F. C. Chou
We report Raman scattering experiments on the strongly correlated electron system NaxCoO2 with x= 0.71 and ordered Na vacancies. In this doping regime, NaxCoO2 exhibits a large and unusual thermopower and becomes superconducting upon hydration. Our Raman scattering data reveal pronounced low energy fluctuations that diverge in intensity at low temperatures. Related to these fluctuations is a drastic decrease of an electronic scattering rate from 50 to 3 cm-1. This observation is quite different from the behavior of Na disordered samples that have a larger and temperature independent scattering rate. Simultaneously with the evolution of the scattering rate, phonon anomalies point to an increasing out-of-plane coherence of the lattice with decreasing temperature. These observations may indicate the condensation of spin polarons into an unusual, highly dynamic ground state.
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