Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5749 (Jeffrey G. Rau et al.)

Symmetry breaking via Kondo hybridization: Chiral nematic metal in

Jeffrey G. Rau, Hae-Young Kee
In frustrated magnets when magnetic ordering is suppressed down to low temperature, the formation of a quantum spin liquid becomes a possibility. How such a spin liquid manifests in the presence of conduction electrons is a question with potentially rich physical consequences, particularly when both the localized spins and conduction electrons reside on frustrated lattices. We propose a novel mechanism for symmetry breaking in systems where conduction electrons hybridize with a quantum spin liquid through Kondo couplings. We apply this to the pyrochlore iridate Pr2Ir2O7, which exhibits an anomalous Hall effect without clear indications of magnetic order. We show that Kondo hybridization between the localized Pr pseudo-spins and Ir conduction electrons breaks some of the spatial symmetries, in addition to time-reversal regardless of the form ofthe coupling. These broken symmetries result in an anomalous Hall conductivity and induce small magnetic, quadrupolar and charge orderings. Further experimental signatures are proposed.
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