Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1306.3854 (R. D. Johnson et al.)

MnSb2O6: A polar magnet with a chiral crystal structure    [PDF]

R. D. Johnson, K. Cao, L. C. Chapon, F. Fabrizi, N. Perks, P. Manuel, J. J. Yang, Y. S. Oh, S-W. Cheong, P. G. Radaelli
Structural and magnetic chiralities are found to coexist in a small group of materials in which they produce intriguing phenomenologies such as the recently discovered skyrmion phases. Here, we describe a previously unknown manifestation of this interplay in MnSb2O6, a trigonal oxide with a chiral crystal structure. Unlike all other known cases, the MnSb2O6 magnetic structure is based on co-rotating cycloids rather than helices. The coupling to the structural chirality is provided by a magnetic axial vector, related to the so-called vector chirality. We show that this unique arrangement is the magnetic ground state of the symmetric-exchange Hamiltonian, based on ab-initio theoretical calculations of the Heisenberg exchange interactions, and is stabilised by out-of-plane anisotropy. MnSb2O6 is predicted to be multiferroic with a unique ferroelectric switching mechanism.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.3854

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