Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1306.3657 (Zhan Cao et al.)

Non-monotonic field dependence of Kondo conductance in a single-electron
transistor driven by microwave field

Zhan Cao, Chen Cheng, Fu-Zhou Chen, Hong-Gang Luo
The interplay between magnetic field and microwave applied in a single-electron transistor(SET) has a profound influence on the Kondo effect, as shown in a recent experiment[B. Hemingway, S. Herbert, M. Melloch and A. Kogan, arXiv:1304.0037(2013)]. For a given microwave frequency, the Kondo differential conductance shows a non-monotonic magnetic field dependence, and a very sharp peak is observed for certain field applied. Additionally, the microwave frequency is found to be larger of about one order than the corresponding Zeeman energy. These two features are not understood in the current theory. Here we propose a phenomenological mechanism to explain these observations. When both magnetic field and microwave are applied in the SET, if the frequency matches the (renormalized) Zeeman energy, it is assumed that the microwave is able to induce spin-flip in the SET, which leads to two consequences. One is the dot level shifts down and the other is the renormalization of the Zeeman energy. This picture can not only explain qualitatively the main findings in the experiment but also further stimulate the related experimental study of the dynamic response of the Kondo effect in out-of-equilibrium devices.
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