Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.7040 (Mariano de Souza et al.)

Charge-Ordering Transition in (TMTTF)$_2$X Explored via Dilatometry    [PDF]

Mariano de Souza, Jean-Paul Pouget
Charge-ordering phenomena have been highly topical over the last few years. A phase transition towards a charge ordered state has been observed experimentally in several classes of materials. Among them, many studies have been devoted to the family of quasi-one dimensional organic charge-transfer salts (TMTTF)$_2$X, where (TMTTF) stands for tetramethyltetrathiafulvalene and X for a monovalent anion (X = PF$_6$, AsF$_6$ and SbF$_6$). However, the relationship between the electron localization phenomena and the role of the lattice distortion in stabilizing the charge-ordering pattern is poorly documented in the literature. Here we present a brief overview of selected literature results with emphasis placed on recent thermal expansion experiments probing the charge-ordering transition of these salts.
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