Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6103 (M. -T. Kao et al.)

Investigation of a universal behavior between Néel temperature and
staggered magnetization density for a three-dimensional quantum

M. -T. Kao, F. -J. Jiang
We simulate the three-dimensional quantum Heisenberg model with a spatially anisotropic ladder pattern using the first principles Monte Carlo method. Our motivation is to investigate quantitatively the newly established universal relation $T_N/\sqrt{c^3}$ $\propto$ ${\cal M}_s$ near the quantum critical point (QCP) associated with dimerization. Here $T_N$, $c$, and ${\cal M}_s$ are the N\'eel temperature, the spinwave velocity, and the staggered magnetization density, respectively. For all the physical quantities considered here, such as $T_N$ and ${\cal M}_s$, our Monte Carlo results agree nicely with the corresponding results determined by the series expansion method. In addition, we find it is likely that the effect of a logarithmic correction, which should be present in (3+1)-dimensions, to the relation $T_N/\sqrt{c^3}$ $\propto$ ${\cal M}_s$ near the investigated QCP only sets in significantly in the region with strong spatial anisotropy.
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