Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5164 (S W Lovesey et al.)

X-ray diffraction by magnetic charges (monopoles)    [PDF]

S W Lovesey, D D Khalyavin
Magnetic charges, or magnetic monopoles, may form in the electronic structure of magnetic materials where ions are deprived of symmetry with respect to spatial inversion. Predicted in 2009, the strange magnetic, pseudoscalars have recently been found different from zero in simulations of electronic structures of some magnetically ordered, orthorhombic, lithium orthophosphates (LiMPO4). We prove that magnetic charges in lithium orthophosphates diffract x-rays tuned in energy to an atomic resonance, and to guide future experiments we calculate appropriate unit-cell structure factors for monoclinic LiCoPO4 and orthorhombic LiNiPO4.
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