Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2771 (I. V. Protopopov et al.)

Dissipationless kinetics of one dimensional interacting fermions    [PDF]

I. V. Protopopov, D. B. Gutman, M. Oldenburg, A. D. Mirlin
We study the problem of evolution of a density pulse of one-dimensional interacting fermions with a non-linear single-particle spectrum. We show that, despite non-Fermi-liquid nature of the problem, non-equilibrium phenomena can be described in terms of a kinetic equation for certain quasiparticles related to the original fermions by a non-linear transformation which decouples the left- and right-moving excitations. Employing this approach, we investigate the kinetics of the phase space distribution of the quasiparticles and thus determine the time evolution of the density pulse. This allows us to explore a crossover from the essentially free-fermion evolution for weak or short-range interaction to hydrodynamics emerging in the case of sufficiently strong, long-range interaction.
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