Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1607 (G. Sun et al.)

Spin-orbit coupled fermions in ladder-like optical lattices at

G. Sun, J. Jaramillo, L. Santos, T. Vekua
We study the ground-state phase diagram of two-component fermions loaded in a ladder-like lattice at half filling in the presence of spin-orbit coupling. For repulsive fermions with unidirectional spin-orbit coupling along the legs we identify a N\'{e}el state which is separated from rung-singlet and ferromagnetic states by Ising phase transition lines. These lines cross for maximal spin-orbit coupling and a direct Gaussian phase transition between rung-singlet and ferro phases is realized. For the case of Rashba-like spin-orbit coupling, besides the rung singlet phases two distinct striped ferromagnetic phases are formed. In case of attractive fermions with spin-orbit coupling at half-filling for decoupled chains we identify a dimerized state that separates a singlet superconductor and a ferromagnetic states.
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