Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0975 (Sylvain Capponi et al.)

Numerical study of magnetization plateaux in the spin-1/2 kagome
Heisenberg antiferromagnet

Sylvain Capponi, Oleg Derzhko, Andreas Honecker, Andreas M. Läuchli, Johannes Richter
We clarify the existence of several magnetization plateaux for the kagome $S=1/2$ antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model in a magnetic field. Using approximate or exact localized magnon eigenstates, we are able to describe in a similar manner the plateau states that occur for magnetization per site $m=1/3$, 5/9, and 7/9 of the saturation value. These results are confirmed using large-scale Exact Diagonalization on lattices up to 63 sites.
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