Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2769 (Dheeraj Kumar Singh et al.)

Magnon self energy in the correlated ferromagnetic Kondo lattice model:
spin-charge coupling effects on magnon excitations in manganites

Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Avinash Singh
Magnon self energy due to spin-charge coupling is calculated for the correlated ferromagnetic Kondo lattice model using a diagrammatic expansion scheme. Systematically incorporating correlation effects in the form of self-energy and vertex corrections, the expansion scheme explicitly preserves the continuous spin rotation symmetry and hence the Goldstone mode. Due to a near cancellation of the correlation-induced quantum correction terms at intermediate coupling and optimal band filling relevant for ferromagnetic manganites, the renormalized magnon energies for the correlated FKLM are nearly independent of correlation term. Even at higher band fillings, despite exhibiting overall non-Heisenberg behavior, magnon dispersion in the \Gamma-X direction retains nearly Heisenberg form. Therefore, the experimentally observed doping dependent zone-boundary magnon softening must be ascribed to spin-orbital coupling effects.
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