Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.2640 (Alexandre Belin et al.)

Holographic Phases of Renyi Entropies    [PDF]

Alexandre Belin, Alexander Maloney, Shunji Matsuura
We consider Renyi entropies of conformal field theories in flat space, with the entangling surface being a plane. The AdS/CFT correspondence relates this Renyi entropy to that of a black hole with hyperbolic horizon; as the Renyi parameter n increases the temperature of the black hole decreases. If the CFT possesses a sufficiently low dimension scalar operator the black hole will be unstable to the development of hair. Thus, as n is varied, the Renyi entropies will exhibit a phase transition at a critical value of n. The location of the phase transition, along with the spectrum of the reduced density matrix, depends on the dimension of the lowest dimension non-trivial scalar operator in the theory.
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