Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1306.2173 (Yu. N. Khaydukov et al.)

On the feasibility to study inverse proximity effect in a single S/F
bilayer by Polarized Neutron Reflectometry

Yu. N. Khaydukov, B. Nagy, J. -H. Kim, T. Keller, A. Rühm, Yu. V. Nikitenko, K. N. Zhernenkov, J. Stahn, L. Kiss, A. Csik, L. Bottyán, V. L. Aksenov
Here we report on a feasibility study aiming to explore the potential of Polarized Neutron Reflectometry (PNR) for detecting the inverse proximity effect in a single superconducting/ferromagnetic bilayer. Experiments, conducted on the V(40nm)/Fe(1nm) S/F bilayer, have shown that experimental spin asymmetry measured at T = 0.5TC is shifted towards higher Q values compared to the curve measured at T = 1.5TC. Such a shift can be described by the appearance in superconducting vanadium of magnetic sub-layer with thickness of 7 nm and magnetization of +0.8 kG.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.2173

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