Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1538 (Jeffrey C. Y. Teo et al.)

Unconventional Fusion and Braiding of Topological Defects in a Lattice

Jeffrey C. Y. Teo, Abhishek Roy, Xiao Chen
We demonstrate the semiclassical nature of symmetry twist defects that differ from quantum deconfined anyons in a true topological phase by examining non-abelian crystalline defects in an abelian lattice model. An underlying non-dynamical ungauged S3-symmetry labels the quasi-extensive defects by group elements and gives rise to order dependent fusion. A central subgroup of local Wilson observables distinguishes defect-anyon composites by species, which can mutate through abelian anyon tunneling by tuning local defect phase parameters. We compute a complete consistent set of primitive basis transformations, or F-symbols, and study braiding and exchange between commuting defects. This suggests a modified spin-statistics theorem for defects and non-modular group structures unitarily represented by the braiding S and exchange T matrices. Non-abelian braiding operations in a closed system represent the sphere braid group projectively by a non-trivial central extension that relates the underlying symmetry.
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