Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.1108 (E. G. Galkina et al.)

Inertial longitudinal magnetization reversal for non-Heisenberg

E. G. Galkina, V. I. Butrim, Yu. A. Fridman, B. A. Ivanov, F. Nori
We analyze theoretically the novel pathway of ultrafast spin dynamics for ferromagnets with high enough single-ion anisotropy (non-Heisenberg ferromagnets). This longitudinal spin dynamics includes the coupled oscillations of the modulus of the magnetization together with the quadrupolar spin variables, which are expressed through quantum expectation values of operators bilinear on the spin components. Even for a simple single-element ferromagnet, such a dynamics can lead to an inertial magnetization reversal under the action of an ultrashort laser pulse.
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